Gluten-Free in Rio

Traveling with any type of dietary restriction is a challenge. In restaurants, it takes a leap of faith to trust the chef understands your allergy or restriction enough to know what not to use (I’m looking at you, soy sauce) and the language barrier can make reading labels nearly impossible (labels in Abu Dhabi were the most challenging for me yet). Nevertheless, it’s far from impossible to overcome. Continue reading Gluten-Free in Rio

How to Get a CPF as a Foreigner in Brazil

Everyone knows Brazil is a country of bureaucracy, so it comes as no surprise that they love their CPF: cadastro de pessoa física. The CPF is like a social security number; essentially, a unique identifier for every “physical person” in Brazil. However, unlike your social security number, it’s widely and publicly used for anything from registering documents to making purchases both online and in person. Continue reading How to Get a CPF as a Foreigner in Brazil