5,000 Miles

With me being back in the United States, we’re back to being in a long distance relationship for the next few months. In some ways, it makes things easier — when I’m in the US, I have all of the comforts of home, time with my family, and access to the best city in the world: New York. Continue reading 5,000 Miles

Random Facts You Don’t Know About Brazil… Until You’re In Brazil

I’ve implied before (and will do so again) that in the US we don’t really know much about Brazil except that it exists. Maybe they speak Spanish, and the capital is possibly Buenos Aires. There’s a big statue of Christ down there, but it’s pretty dangerous. Right? Continue reading Random Facts You Don’t Know About Brazil… Until You’re In Brazil

Me, You, and Everyone We Know

Gustavo and I first met almost three years ago. In that time, we’ve gone from dating, to just being friends, to being in a long-distance relationship, to getting married when neither of us thought we would. Fortunately, Gustavo is quite the talker and I’m quite the emotional processor, both of which mean that we do a good job of communicating with one another. Continue reading Me, You, and Everyone We Know

Surviving Carnaval, Carioca-Style

Many of us Americans are guilty of seeing Rio as a year-round Carnaval. Images on TV of Samba dancers in elaborate, and teeny tiny, costumes, parading down the Sambadrome — a translation that still makes every Portuguese-speaker that I know giggle — with huge smiles on their faces. And, of course, Christ the Redeemer lurking somewhere in the background.  Continue reading Surviving Carnaval, Carioca-Style