The Conflicted Anthropologist

Recently, Gustavo and I started watching (or re-watching, in my case) Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown.” I was in Brazil, actually, when the news broke that Bourdain had died. I’d always admired him, partly because of my eternal and undying love for anyone else from New Jersey and also because I appreciated his open-hearted, non-judgmental approach to exploring other cultures. He was always curious in a way that made everything seem normal, no matter where in the world he was.

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Saying Goodbye: Our last week together in Rio

I remember the first time I stepped foot in this apartment. Gustavo had moved in earlier that year and, still, barely had any furniture. As a result, his place was a hub to gather before heading out to parties in the city. The wide-open layout meant everyone could drink, dance, and take pictures (god knows there were a lot of pictures) before heading out into the night.

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