Last Week in Jersey

Last week was my birthday – a big one too! Every year, for about three or four years now, I’ve done the same exact thing on my birthday: eat pizza at my favorite place in the world, Kesté.

Of course, even though I hit the big 3-0, this year was no different. We had pizza, and cake, along with some family and friends. It was just as lovely, fun, and delicious as I’d hoped.

The next day was the Brazilian Festival in New York, which is primarily an early celebration for Brazilian Independence Day. We skipped the festival because we were exhausted, and stuffed with pancakes. At night, though, we hit up the Poisson Rouge for the Baile de Favela event put on by Brasil Loves.

When I suggested going, Gustavo seemed a big skeptical. We’re in New York, not Brazil, after all. Yet, a little to both of our surprise, it was a great party. The music was on point (mostly old funk, with some sertanejo thrown in) and the drinks were all catuaba themed, which was super funny.

On Labor Day, we decided to go check out the Brooklyn Bridge (another one of Gustavo’s to-do items). We met up with my mom at Bareburger first, mostly because I wanted to check if was open, and because we really do love Bareburger.

Because it was such a nice day, we decided to walk all the way from Union Square to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a decent walk, and by the end I was dying. But the walk across the bridge was fantastic. There were barely any clouds in the sky and despite the crowds, the pace moved relatively quickly.

We originally had the idea of getting ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory once we crossed, but we failed in multiple ways, including getting off at the wrong part of the bridge, not having cash on hand, and being all out of patience to wait on line. I slept very well that night, even without my ice cream.

We spent the rest of the week finishing up some errands before Gustavo goes home. He was supposed to leave Friday (today), but because of the hurricane his original flight was canceled. We lucked out though: he was able to get on a flight Sunday night, right before I leave for my work trip, and direct to Rio, rather than going through Miami.

We’re making the most of the next few days, before he heads home and I’m on my way to Canada to meet up with my coworkers for a week!

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