Week No. 2 in Jersey: NYC Visits

Our adventures in New Jersey continue. Today, we’re on the cusp of my 30th birthday. No more twenty-something years for me!

We moved to our Airbnb this week and have been exploring the area in Lyndhurst, as well as heading into Manhattan quite a bit more since it’s so close.

Over the weekend, we visited the one place left in NY that Gustavo has always wanted to see: The American Museum of Natural History. Fun fact: I did an internship in the library of AMNH when I was in college, so it’s familiar stomping grounds for me and I very rarely go back since I’ve seen it so much. We had a lot of fun exploring all of the exhibits (until we somehow both got terrible headaches from all the sugar we’d eaten over the past two days), and Gustavo was like a kid over the dinosaur fossils.

We also had an amazing lunch at the Pennsy, a little food hall next to Penn Station, and dinner at Berimbau do Brasil, my favorite Brazilian restaurant in New York. They make good caipirinhas (and caipiroskas, even though we all know they’re really caipivodkas, but okay) and pão de queijo that is made to order.

On Sunday, we visited my father in South Jersey and had some delicious Indian food after spending time with the family and their puppy. For the afternoon, we walked around historic Burlington, all along the riverbank, and looking at the old houses along the street.

On Tuesday, we went to visit my mom and spend some time bowling at Eagle Rock Lanes. It’s been forever since I bowled, and, Gustavo knows, I am a notoriously terrible bowler. Like, I need bumpers. I can not bowl.

So, unsurprisingly, after two games, I won none. My mom won the first, even with a wrist injury forcing her to use her non-dominant hand, and Gustavo won the second. Yup, that’s how bad I am.

As much as I love spending time with my mother and father, the highlight of the week for me was the Strong New York event at Solace NYC. Some of our favorite powerlifters and athletes gave a seminar at this fitness studio (including Silent Mike and Meg Squats) on Thursday night. After the seminar, we had the chance to lift with them, which was an amazing and unique opportunity.

While sitting in the audience, I had this realization that, having grown up in the New York area, I feel entitled to these kinds of opportunities that we don’t see as frequently in Brazil. Being in Rio has given me a new kind of appreciation for the access we have to such quality events, resources, personalities, educators, and so on in the New York area. It’s a one-of-a-kind place and I’m glad we’re getting to take advantage of it so fully.

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