Our first Crossfit Open

In the last year, both Erica and I had just entered the world of Crossfit when the 2017 Crossfit Open started. For Erica, her first WOD ever was 17.5, For me, I wasn’t looking to compete at the time, though looking back I wish I had.

This year, we participated in our first competition – the Double IG Challenge 2018 – so we decided to enter the Open this time around, as well. The idea was to test ourselves and see how we held up to the rest of the world, both mentally and physically, in the five WODs created for this event.

Erica did 18.1 early on Friday, impatient as she is 😀 She did it Rx and was able to complete 161 repetitions, but in the process we were both reminded that the real difference in training versus a competition is the mental aspect. In a competition, you subconsciously push yourself even harder, which is much more tiring.

That Monday, I did my 18.1 attempt. I was a little nervous, a recurring theme for me every Monday morning. I also completed it in the Rx category and was able to do 242 repetitions. I was super lucky that the first WOD of the Open this year had rowing, which is one of my best movements.

WOD 18.1

  • 8 toes-to-bars
  • 10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks
  • 12/14 calorie row

Men use 50-lb and women use 35-lb dumbbells.

Unfortunately, Erica hurt herself the same day while testing her new squat max and could only get back to competing on the last week. However, I continued completing the WODs with the following mindset: if I can’t do a movement, such as muscle ups or handstand walk, I would do the scale version even if just one repetition Rx would have a better score. Both Erica and I believe that the biggest competition in the Open is against yourself, year after year.

I was really happy with my results in the other WODs this Open, as I was able to stay above 35% of the other male participants in the world and 40% in South America. Erica also did really well for someone who could only do the first and last workouts.

We already knew that our weaknesses were our cardio, conditioning for long WODs, and gymnastics. Movements on the pull-up bar are complicated for us – for me, because of my body weight and for her, a lack of strength in her back. However this year we’re planning to compete in other local events in Rio, so we’ll need to stop training for strength so much – which we both love – and focus more on fixing our weaknesses.

We’re both equally excited for the 2019 Crossfit Open since we’ll already have one year of serious training under our belt. For this round, we’re both still pretty new, but there is one thing I’m sure of: it doesn’t matter your skill level, what’s important is participating and seeing everyone at the box cheer you on until the last minute, pushing you to complete just a few more reps.

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