Crossfit Level 1 Experience

After a few months thinking about when to do our Crossfit Level 1 training, we decided it was time for us to make the investment in our knowledge about this lifestyle that we love so much.

We are lucky to live in a state in Brazil where at least once every two months we have the opportunity to take the test, so this July 14 and 15th, 2018 we went to Gladius Crossfit for our Crossfit Level 1 course.

In this post, I won’t go over what are the contents of the Crossfit Level 1 course, because we actually sign a non-disclosure agreement to make sure the test remains accredited around the world.

Going into it we were a bit nervous since we didn’t know what to expect out of doing this course in Brazil. We were worried it could have been a bad experience for Erica, especially if the talks weren’t done in English *with a translation for the rest of the class). If it was done only in Portuguese it would take a little bit away from the whole learning experience for her. She does understand the language really well, but it’s still a very draining experience to listen for hours in another language and then have to take a test after.

The staff that ministered the course to our class was 100% composed of Brazilians: Ricardinho Prudente, Rodrigo Hollanda, Daniella Pin and Victor Morris, a fact that made us a little worried since the only person I knew spoke good English was Ricardinho.

Oh how wrong we were. The staff surprised us in an amazing way, all four of them spoke amazing English and were super excited to help, making sure Erica was getting the best possible experience out of her Crossfit Level 1 course. At the very start Ricardinho announced that they would do all of the talks in English and someone would translate into Portuguese for the rest of the class.

There are moments of the CF-L1 course where we some foundation for the functional movements that are hands-on type of teaching, so Daniela Pin was always helping Erica with the translations as we got divided into groups so they could explain better to all of us the correct cues and fixes for our mistakes or the mistakes our possible clients would make in an actual Crossfit class.

Both of us were impressed by how much the definitions for terms is something that made us feel even more passionate about the little details of every day Crossfit classes. Every detail of each WOD has a lot more meaning to us now. Rodrigo Chaves, who is the Head Coach at Kouti – the box where we train – got a ton more appreciation from us for the amazing job that he does now.

Also, it’s important to mention that now we do have a reason to go back to São Paulo for a few more days before Erica goes back to the United States later on this year. When we go, we’ll get to visit Dani’s Crossfit Unit55. She did an amazing job and made sure that Erica felt super safe about having all the info that she needed to do the test.

Next week we will publish a YouTube vlog about the experience, so if you don’t follow us there yet, make sure you do so now before wrapping up this post.

The first day of the Crossfit Level 1 course included a very fun WOD involving thrusters, a movement which made me excited because it made both of us more confident going into our next competition. There were also lots of talks about the foundations of Crossfit and definitions for important terms in this revolutionary lifestyle.

On the second day there were fewer talks, but a very important WOD. It helped us start to learn how to properly fix form in the middle of the workout, which is something both Erica and I see as lacking in a major way here in a few boxes.

The day ended with a test, which both of us felt very confident going into. The staff gave us all the tools to accomplish that “WOD” with proper form and the correct intensity. Erica was the first one to finish and I came in second about 4 to 5 minutes after.

Ricardinho told us that the results would arrive up to 7 days later. Yesterday night, both of us received the email confirming that we passed and we can now call ourselves Crossfit Level 1 trainers.

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