Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Level 1

When you start at Crossfit, there are a few movements that are super challenging to wrap your head around. When it comes to the bar and weights, none compare to the snatch.

For me, in Crossfit, I always found the Olympic Weightlifting movements a lot easier to understand and improve than any others.

Finally, when I joined Koutí and had classes with Rodrigo on the subject, I saw how much I had to learn to understand the why’s and how’s of the clean & jerk and snatch.

I signed up for the Crossfit Weightlifting Level 1 earlier on this year, to learn more about the Oly movements and how to teach them.

The weightlifting space on Superforce

Our coaches giving this course were, Ray Regno, Tiago de Moura, and Lucas B Ferreira. And the fantastic box hosting the seminar was Superforce Crossfit.

The first day was 100% dedicated to the snatch and, the most recurring theme of any of the Crossfit seminars (3 and counting) that I’ve attended, basics and fundamentals. The main focus is to make every single one of us understand that by investing time on the “boring” basics will translate into high-quality movements later on.

Burgener Warmup + Skill Transfer
The text is in Portuguese (sorry)

One of the most humbling things is how you can get beat into a pulp with just the PVC pipe for training, especially if you’re used to having the feedback of a heavy bar to get you into the correct positions.

Using only the PVC makes sure that you are are in control. Therefore your mistakes will surface a lot more often.

We spent a ton of time warming up using only the PVC and the Burgener warm-up, which translate into an excellent mind-muscle connection for both the snatch and clean & jerk.

As per the usual, there was a lot of learning how to cue your students and clients and a lot of practice. It made me realize how much my basics were lacking, especially around my already-known lack of shoulder mobility and stability.

The Brazilian part of the Seminar + Coach Noel owner of Superforce

Coming from a Crossfit Gymnastics Seminar Level 1 that I did a few weeks before this one, I can safely say that you will learn just as much in a seminar where you already have some knowledge as in one where you don’t have the skill to follow the most advanced movements, i.e. muscle-ups and handstands in Gymnastics.

If you are looking into learning more about Olympic Weightlifting in Crossfit either for yourself or to teach others, I think you should invest the money into this Speciality Course. However, keep your mind open to learning their methods, which are not the only ones in the weightlifting field.

Thanks, Ray Regno for the amazing course you gave here in Brazil.

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