Nova Jersey, our newest home

At the very end of August, Gustavo and I moved from Philadelphia, back to my home state of New Jersey. Of course, Philadelphia and New Jersey are not so far and, in fact, you could literally see New Jersey from the window of our old place in Philly. But if anything has become clear to me over these past few years, it’s that I actually really, really (really) like New Jersey.

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Saying Goodbye: Our last week together in Rio

I remember the first time I stepped foot in this apartment. Gustavo had moved in earlier that year and, still, barely had any furniture. As a result, his place was a hub to gather before heading out to parties in the city. The wide-open layout meant everyone could drink, dance, and take pictures (god knows there were a lot of pictures) before heading out into the night.

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Brazil through the Movies

One of my favorite things (and possibly one of Gustavo’s least favorite) is comparing our favorite movies together. I’ve always been a bit of a film buff. When I was growing up, my dad had a video rental store, so I always had access to all kinds of movies. It didn’t hit me until later that my love for the movies was probably closely tied to being surrounded by them so often. Continue reading Brazil through the Movies