Why I Learned Portuguese

It’s not uncommon for Gustavo and I to have the following conversation when I speak Portuguese in the wild.

“Okay, I definitely said that right. Why did s/he talk to you after I obviously indicated that I understand Portuguese? We even had a full conversation in Portuguese before I said I was American!”

After a heavy sigh from Gustavo, he usually explains something along the lines of, “I know, but people just aren’t used to foreigners speaking Portuguese.”
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3 Tips for Brazilian Portuguese

When people realize I’m foreign, their first response is usually, “Portuguese is really hard to learn, isn’t it?”

I’ve been learning Portuguese for three years now and, if you ask me, it’s no more difficult than any other language. I speak French and Italian fluently, and Portuguese is basically a weird remix of the two. (Also, fun fact: once you learn Portuguese, you understand Spanish.)  Continue reading 3 Tips for Brazilian Portuguese